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MaryJaynes Story, by Christine Altman

This is the story of loving women who lost her battle to cancer. MaryJane Casillo was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She fell for the love of her life Vince Casillo .  They were each other's rock and they had two beautiful children Christine and Laura.  They were both huge Neil Diamond fans.  As a child my experience with Neil diamond was that my mom always sang his songs to me while she was putting me to bed.

She was a wonderful and loving person and there was nothing she wouldn't do for her kids and family. She did not have any brothers or sisters. My dad's family was her family and they loved her not only as her sister in-law but as a friend. They were always there for her. 

My mom was my best friend and a day would not pass that I would not call her to say hi.  For a couple of months I moved to Florida to go to school and when I left I had to sneak away because I did not want to leave her. She was not only my mom but she was always there to listen and give the advise not only a mom would give but also what a friend would give. 

I got married July of 2001 to a wonderful man named Eric Altman who adored my mom also. She always said he was the son she never had.  We brought Eric to his first Neil Diamond concert and my mom and him had the time of their lives. Just listening to him sing and dancing there is one song of Neil's that always brought tears to her eyes. I am I said  he had a dream and it came true to be a performer who people love and enjoy his music.

As a joke, I invited Neil diamond to my wedding and on the day of my wedding a telegram came to my house that Neil Diamond personally wrote to Eric and I and said "prior commitments allow me not to be on your special day I sing you both a Glass of Red, Red Wine and Song Song Blue and I hope to see you next time I am in NY at Madison Square Garden, love and best regards Neil Diamond ". My Dad read the telegram  to us. On our wedding day, my mom looked at me and said, "you are the greatest kid in the world and you would do anything for me wouldn't you", I replied, "Mom you are my best friend I would do anything to make you happy".

On my wedding day I dedicated a song to my mom that Celine Dion sang Because You Loved Me, it was our special song because their would not be anything that we would not do for each other.  

There was another love in her life and that love is my daughter Ashley. She loved her Granddaughter more then life itself. She would do anything for that child. She was there on the day I had her and then she stayed with me for a week while I got used to being a Mom. She did everything to make Ashley well. Their was a time that my Mom was on oxygen and my mom took the plugs out of her nose and Ashley blew up her nose and said Grandma does that make you feel better? I want you to get better so we can play together. My Mom cried and said "Ashley I can play with you but I do not think I will be better anytime soon" Ashley said, "Grandma I love you and as long as you can play with me that is all that matters".

My Mom was a women who never gave up she always stayed focus on what had to be done. She worked at Lord and Taylor and went to work everyday until she was not strong enough. I took my Mom for her scans and Doctors appointments all the time. I never left her side. One day I did not hear from her and the line was busy, so I drove all the way to her home and walked in the door and screamed Mom where are you and she was on her bed sleeping. I woke her up to make sure she was ok. She did not put the phone on the hook so when you can not get in touch with someone you always think the worse.

The last couple of the days of her life was the hardest on her. She always kept her head high and never looked back.  She loved her family and kids. She was the type of women who would  do anything in the world for you.  She is missed everyday. She is our little guarding angel in the sky. She looks down on us and I am sure that she is proud of the accomplishments that her family, Laura, my Dad and I have made since she passed on. Rest in Peace Mom, You will always be missed but never forgotten.

Rest in Peace Mom, You will always be missed but never forgotten.

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